Unsung Heroes

There are amazing things going on in our country.  There are many heroes surrounding us with stories that are never heard.  They are buried in the communities that make up America.  They go unnoticed because heroes don’t ask for praise and they don’t announce their glory.  They help and do good because they are made of pure, good “stuff”.  The “stuff” that drives them to do good because it’s the right thing to do.  They do good because they love lending a helping hand for those in need.

I’m proud to share that my parents are some of those people.  They are not driven by fame or fortune.  They are hardworking and successful, but it’s not for glory or for material things.


In some strange irony of the universe, my dad was a wheat farmer in the early years of my life.  Now, he is a father, grandfather, & he is a Celiac.  Most of our family (now) can’t even eat the crop he spent years, days, hours, and sleepless nights laboring for and praying to flourish.  Like most farmers, he worked hard.  He got up early, stayed up late, bared terrible weather to provide for his family in the best way he knew how.  The life of a farmer is hard and requires serious grit to endure the hard labor and emotional turmoil of farming.  The abundance of food we enjoy in America is incredible.  We enjoy abundance because of the sacrifice of some hardworking people in our communities.

My dad left farming while I was in grade school and went on to enjoy another successful career before retiring.  He grew up farming and it never left his blood.  His empathy for the fellow farmer is forever burned in his soul.

Over the past couple of years, my mom & dad volunteered with an amazing program called, Farm Rescue.  People from across America donate their time and resources to go and help a farmer in need somewhere in the country.  They help family farmers plant, harvest, or hay when they have suffered a major injury, illness, or experienced a natural disaster.

Unfortunately, nature cannot wait and farmers do not have the grace of a day, week, or month off.  Our glorious food we enjoy every day must be planted or harvested at peak times.  Those peak times can not be predicted or rescheduled.  They are driven by nature in all of its beauty.

We are so lucky to have unsung heroes everywhere ready to help us in a time of need.  We are so lucky to have the infrastructure to have essentially an uninterrupted, abundant food source available always.  We are lucky to have farmers that have committed their lives to ensuring we have food to feed our families each night.  We are lucky to have people that continue to work diligently to improve farming methods and technologies to maintain our abundant food source.  I pause and I am grateful for all the unsung heroes that we are surrounded by that will never be featured in the media.  The unsung heroes that are more noble than some of the most celebrated figures.  I am grateful that the t.Loft team gets to be a small part in sharing the fruit of the farmers labor.  Whether the farm is down the road or across the country, it’s a family and it’s people working hard to bring us food.   I like to think that someday when my time on earth is done, I will get to see all the pure goodness that was going on around me.  The goodness with pure intent and pure love for the fellow human being.  I strive to find the nobility to be an unsung hero.