Of all of the people I admire the most, there is one thing they all have in common….they live life with balance.  They are real.  They aren’t perfect all (or even most) of the time.  They are always learning, always getting better. They are happy. They are optimistic. They see the sunny side of the world most of the time. They are compassionate. They are smart enough to know that life is about balance.  Smart enough to know that they will never know it all & will learn for the rest of their lives.  They are driven enough to work to be better forever.  They try to do it right most of the time, and they “splurge” on a regular basis.  They don’t take life too seriously. 

Even when it comes to their diet. 

They eat their veggies, but appreciate a cookie or an adult bevy occasionally.

I’ve struggled with being crazy strict about nutrition and feeling nutrition guilt ;).  But as I grow, I know I function best when I have balance.  For me balance is eating right most of the time & occasionally enjoying something ‘splurgalicious’.  I know what I can splurge on and not be set back for days.  A crazy strict diet has its time and place. 

If you are battling a health condition, recovering, making a life change, or have been a little too “splurgalicious,” a disciplined diet can get you back on track, help you heal, and recover.  But for the other 80% of your life, it’s ok to eat a cookie occasionally damn it!  Life is too short.  Pay attention to your body, know how you function best and do it right most of the time…..but don’t crucify yourself if you have a little something for your mental state.  When you do it right most of the time, your body can handle a little mental nutrition break.  When you get right in the head about food, eating healthy becomes a lot easier. 

Eating for energy and vitality helps make your choices easier.  So stop beating yourself up, pick one thing to get better at, master it, & then move on.  If you need a little something every once in a while, do it, but remember what you feel like after…then decide if you need to make a better choice next time ;).  

Everyone’s formula is different.  It’s our job to find out what works best for us, what deserves a splurge (& what doesn’t) and what makes us kinder, happier, and healthier!  At the end of the day it’s about living the best life you can in the precious moments you have here on earth…..so if you need some chocolate today, it’s ok! 

When we started t.Loft, our mission has always been about helping people feel better, be amazing, & have more happy days than sad ones.  As we entertained expanding our t.Loft offerings, we always ask ourselves first “does this help me feel amazing?”  Sometimes a little something sweet does make me feel amazing!  So we decided why the heck not!….so you may see some fun new things entering our gray walls & it’s ok.  We are excited for some new additions to our menu for those days you are feeling a little “splurgalicious”.